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Pls visit this tutorial page and watch this Video for complete guideline of publishing a 3d model.

We support a lot a lot of formats but usually .3dm and.stl are in noraml used in jewelry. Contact us to get any further querry at info@zewardesigners.com

It is always a good idea to find similar models on our marketplace to have a reference for your pricing decision. A couple of points to keep in mind before setting a price:

  • Consider the value your work brings to the buyer. Your model might save many hours that they’d have to spend making the model.
  • Make sure you don’t underprice your model. Buyers might see it as a sign of poor quality.
  • If you decide to ask for a significantly higher price than similar models, make sure you provide a detailed description and preview images that showcase what distinguishes your model from the rest.

You can see a quick overview of your earnings data here https://zevardesigners.com/my-account/

  1. Archive your texture files. 
  2. Pack your textures, scenes and other associated files into a single archive (.zip or .rar) to help your customers. If you have multiple file formats, archive them into separate files.

Your files should have a clear hierarchy and should be named properly to make it easy for the customer to use it.

There is no limit to the number of polygons you can use in your 3D model. 

When uploading, make sure your model has a detailed description, great preview images, and all model formats that you specified.

To receive payments via Wire transfer or Webmoney, you need to have at least $200 in royalties before we make payments to your account. Once you reach the limit of $200, your payment will be made until the 20th day of the following month. For example, if you reach the limit of $200 in July, your payment will be made until the 20th of August.

If you a ready to purchase desired product/-s, there is an option to choose between 2 payment methods:

Credit card



As an alternative to credit cards, you can use your PayPal balance to pay for the order. Just click the Purchase with PayPal button, authorize within PayPal and click Pay.

No, the designer of the product keeps the rights to the product, can sell the digital files an unlimited number of times, and determine how long the product is available for sale. 

As a buyer of the product, you are allowed to use the model multiple times in your projects, with no limits imposed on the time period or sales volume of the final product (such as video, film, animation, video game, VR/AR application, or any project incorporating the 3D model).

If you would like to get exclusive rights to a product found on zevardesigners, you should contact the designer directly and discuss the details, as the pricing of the product is very likely to change. 

If you receive exclusive rights to a product after it has been sold to other customers, those customers preserve the right to use the model in ways determined by the license valid at the time of their purchase.

There are several ways to promote your 3D assets. 

First, generate nice previews of the model and use them to announce new models on your social media accounts, in design forums and in any portfolio sites.
Always use a direct link to your model page to increase your model’s ranking in search engines to have a stronger position in future sales.


Add links to your asset pages in portfolio sites, like Artstation, Behance, DeviantArt, Polycount, Pinterest and others. If you have followers on these sites, they should get notified if you post a link anywhere on those sites.


How can I encourage people to download some of my models?

You should always have a simple model available for free download to let potential buyers see your skills. 

Be sure to use advertising tips in this section, and share your works on design sites and social media to increase your exposure. Generate more reputation and have a good response ratio and response time, to let customers know that you will respond quickly if they need help or support with the model they bought from you.

Yes as zevardesigners does not restrict you from selling your 3D assets on other websites or platforms.